Bottlenose closed Beta

Tuesday, 26 April 2011.

I guess most of you have heared about “stealth” startup Bottlenose, which already got some great pre release write-ups on Techcrunch and Mashable.

In case you haven’t, Bottlenose describes itself as “a smarter way to surf the Stream. It’s a new personalization tool that helps the important information find you in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Use Bottlenose to track your interests, visualize trends, and curate knowledge with your friends.” (

The Netherlands doesn’t feature that many high tech startups, so I was happy to work together with cofounder Dominiek ter Heide this month (who helped us out last year with our YC company Newcope). Armed with Node.js my goal is to, where possible, make the tool even smarter than it already is. For this challenge it helps a lot to be part of a highly skilled javascript team, who are pushing the boundaries forward. And besides being a cool high tech product to work on, I also believe Bottlenose is a must needed solution for an information overload problem that is getting bigger each day.

Bottlenose is currently in alpha, but you can sign up now on, and hopefully be one of the lucky ones for the closed beta to have early access to a tool that will enrich your twitter and facebook experience.

Bottlenose = Node.js = #winning

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