Amsterdam Node meetup group

Monday, 16 April 2012.

We (me and Dominiek ter Heide) started a new meetup group in Amsterdam for anyone interested in Node.js. We had our first meetup 2 weeks ago, where Dominiek gave a great introduction to Node, the guys from Rockstart startup Wercker (Continuous deployment made easy) gave a nice overview of all the Node modules they use, and I gave a talk on when to use Node and my lessons learned while using Node in my previously Y combinator funded startup Newcope and in my current job as Chief architect at Bottlenose.

We plan to have the Node meetup bi-monthly on the last Thursday of the month, so the next meetup will be May 31th at 7:00PM. We have some interesting speakers lined up so I hope to see you all at our next or future meetups. You can follow any announcement on of follow us on Twitter.

Node.js = #winning

And for those of you who love Clojure or like to know more about it, check out the Amsterdam Clojure meetup.

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