Saturday, 12 October 2013.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered two dedicated machines at Hetzner for myself to develop and run some side projects on a Node.js/MongoDb/Elasticsearch stack. While these are work in progress, I also finished moving to my new server (previously hosted by TransIp) and decided to help out my spouse by building a website for her freelancing GP (Huisarts) practices. The end result is here today, as is live as of now.

She basically wanted a simple landing page with just enough info to get potential employers excited and be findable on the web, without explicitly creating an online presence by blogging and tweeting. We currently like the end result and hope others like it too. See below for a screenshot of the landing page, and follow this link to check it out.

And now after spending some time front-end developing this project, I’m looking forward to dive back in the other back-end projects I have going for which I can happily ignore HTML and CSS..

tags: dokzorg
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