Bottlenose scores $13.4 Million

Monday, 09 February 2015.

One and a half years after securing our $3.6 Million series A investment round to bring ‘Trendfluence’ to the enterprise, we are now proud at Bottlenose to have raised (and continue to raise) our series B round with a staggering amount of $13.4 Million, bringing the total raised funds north of $17 Million.

Back in December we already disclosed that KPMG International took a “substantial equity share” in Bottlenose, but did not yet reveal the size of the investment nor names of other investors that were ready to follow KPMG Capital’s lead. Today Techcrunch reported on our Series B round, listing our additional investors and describing our growing capabilities in enterprise (real-time) stream data analytics. The series B round is still open and we plan to raise significant venture debt on top of the $13.4 million.

At Bottlenose we have exciting times ahead of us.

You can read the full story on Techcrunch.

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