New Job at ThinkTopic

Monday, 01 June 2015.

Two months ago a good friend of mine (Jeff Rose), who is a former DeepMind engineer (acquired by Google), presented me with an opportunity to come work at ThinkTopic to build intelligent tools for a big publisher that involves image search, collaborative filtering, an intelligent catalog, and much more by applying Deep Learning techniques for learning in Neural Networks. Additionally most development work would be done in Clojure (a Lisp dialect on the JVM), which for me really is the icing on the cake, being a longtime Clojure and functional programming fan.

So after almost 4 years of working as Chief Architect and Data Scientist at Bottlenose, I decided to take on this new challenge to start working for ThinkTopic, of which today is my first day.

I had a great time at Bottlenose working with a great group of people. It has been amazing to see the company grow to where it is right now, and the potential of where it could go. Getting the KPMG investment has been a great milestone and together with all the work over the years the idea of no longer being part of Bottlenose feels a bit weird. Bottlenose has given me a lot in terms of experience, joy and friendships.

Having said that, I’m keeping my desk at the Hackers and Founders building in Amsterdam, so I’m not going cold turkey on my former colleagues (only switching rooms).

I’m excited to go on this new ThinkTopic adventure, which for today means diving back into Convolutional Neural Networks. May the fun and challenge begin.


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