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Monday, 02 September 2019.

For the past year I have been working as Tech Lead at Air France - KLM, in the ODS (Operations Decision Support) department. My team was responsible for the on-premise Amsterdam Data Lake, developing ETL pipelines with Spark streaming jobs in Scala, including data modeling of the source system (events) and coordinating with the Data Science team.

The on-premise Hadoop cluster was based on Hortonworks HDP, including Spark, HBase, Kafka and Hive. There was a lot of work involved in configuring and managing the on-premise cluster, and we would spend more time than we would like on infrastructure related issues. Based on my previous cloud experiences I started advocating for a push to Azure Cloud (as KLM already had Azure Active Directory and Office 365) for the Data Lake, and started working on the required Architecture design and proposal.

Even though I really liked learning the enormous organization (with two distinct cultures) in order to navigate my way to get in contact with the right people to make Cloud happen, all the way up to CTO and VP levels. I came across another opportunity outside of KLM to work in an environment that was more startup like, more agile, and changing faster with more direct personal impact on the course of the company.

This new opportunity, freelancing as Chief Architect at to work on data driven solutions powered by Blockchain and AI, is actually where I started today and I’m excited that I’m reunited with some of my former colleagues from! I’m looking forward to work with an elite team of highly experienced Developers, Designers and Biz Devs. It’s time to go full throttle!

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