BeatleTech is my (Coen Stevens) freelance company where I offer my services, skills and expertise in web development, software architectures and Data Science.

Software Architect and Data Scientist

I recently worked as a Deep Learning Software Engineer at ThinkTopic, a company specialized in Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, distributed systems, and custom application development.

Last year I also worked part-time as Senior Data Scientist at OThot, where I worked on the Data Science component of their predictive analytics SAAS solution, which included setting up an ETL pipeline and developing machine learning models.

Prior to ThinkTopic I was both Chief Architect and Data Scientist at Bottlenose, a trend intelligence platform focused on historical and real-time analytics for Fortune 500 companies. With the company we raised over $15M in capital and had KPMG leading our Series B round.


I obtained my M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology with minors in Psychology and Philosopy (at Leiden University). In Delft I continued pursuing a Ph.D. in Machine Learning.

Two years into the Ph.D. program I decided to leave university and join startup Wakoopa in Amsterdam (acquired in 2014) to build their recommender system. This valuable experience inspired me to found my own startup Newcope, a platform for predictive analytics of virtual goods. Newcope got seed funded by Y Combinator, which started of a roller coaster adventure in the heart of Silicon Valley, where I became part of the YC alumni network.