BeatleTech is my (Coen Stevens) holding company where I offer my services, skills and expertise in web development, software architectures and Data Science.

Software Architect and Data Scientist

Currently I'm a Deep Learning Software Engineer at ThinkTopic, a company specialized in Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, distributed systems, and custom application development. In my software engineering role I’m focussing on the Machine Learning components by applying Deep Learning techniques for learning Neural Networks.

Next to my work at ThinkTopic I'm also working part-time as Senior Data Scientist at OThot, where we try to harness the power of predictive analytics to improve business decisions for our clients.

Prior to ThinkTopic I was both Chief Architect and Data Scientist at Bottlenose, a trend intelligence platform focused on historical and real-time analytics for Fortune 500 companies. With the company we raised over $15M in capital and had KPMG leading our Series B round.

I obtained my M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology with minors in Psychology and Philosopy (at Leiden University). In Delft I continued pursuing a Ph.D. in Machine Learning.

Two years into the Ph.D. program I decided to leave university and join startup Wakoopa in Amsterdam (acquired in 2014) to build their recommender system. This valuable experience inspired me to found my own startup Newcope, a platform for predictive analytics of virtual goods. Newcope got seed funded by Y Combinator, which started of a roller coaster adventure in the heart of Silicon Valley, where I became part of the YC alumni network.

My main interest is Data Science with a special focus on Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and scaling out to handle big data.


While my primary focus is on Data Science, I'm also an experienced all-round web-developer (Node.js and Ruby on Rails).


Besides software development I'm also interested in advisory roles and business strategies. As a founder of a Y Combinator startup and Chief Architect of the fast growing company Bottlenose, I had my fair share of the emotional rollercoaster that every entrepreneur goes through, which are valuable experiences I love to share.