Tech Lead & Software Architect

BeatleTech is my (Coen Stevens) freelance company where I offer my services, skills and expertise in Big Data engineering and Machine Learning. My main fields of interest are AI, Machine Learning, Genetics, Bioinformatics and Medical Healthcare.

Current Client

Chief Architect (Sept 2019 - present) builds data driven solutions powered by Blockchain and AI.

Recent Clients


I obtained my M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology with minors in Psychology and Philosophy at Leiden University. In Delft I continued pursuing a Ph.D. in Machine Learning.

Two years into the Ph.D. program I decided to leave university and join startup Wakoopa in Amsterdam (acquired in 2014) to build their recommender system.

This valuable experience inspired me to found my own startup Newcope, a platform for predictive analytics of virtual goods. Newcope got seed funded by Y Combinator in 2010.

For my full CV you can have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

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